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yes, and the point was.. 2 years ago when Curcio played all the girls equally, they use to beat up on M&D Black.. now with her new " coaching" philosophy of play to win at all cost.. they have not won anything or beaten a meaningful team in 2 years . While all the other teams sub out, you have to see the gassed middies not being able to get back and help on defense which puts the defense in a bad situation .. then switch middies with attack and defense.. not realizing that attack players cant man up and defend, don't know now to slide or communicate on defense.. they only know how to ride... M&D embarrassed them again.. they seem to have it right.. they play everyone equally. and in the last game on Sunday.. which was a SHOWCASE game.. M&D played their backup goalie who was not committed 3/4 of the game to get her looks.. that is what a real organization who cares about their players do... gets all the kids looks.. Good luck with the summer of 2018.. wont be any different than the summer of 2016 or 2017. Oh and can't wait for certain girls who wont show up to the " mandatory " winter practices.. while Curcio said if you don't show up you wont play.. how she will enforce that??? she didn't enforce it this weekend I can tell you that.

Here is the problem with your nonsense, you obviously are just some douchie pot stirrer with no kid on the team , if you had a kid on the team you would realize that they beat MD last weekend so they have traded wins vs MD in the fall. When you get that basic fact wrong everything else you say is just obviously bs. Go back to the hole you crawled out of.