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WOW ,you really have something wrong with you . Try to understand this , schools outside the big ten can and do make multi year scholarship offers that are as binding and even more so in some cases than are mandated by the big ten . The terms are generally spelled out in their NLI. Because you felt the need to bring my daughter into this her scholarship is guaranteed for all 4 years as long as she is academically eligible . Again because you brought it up it covers 100 percent of her tuition and fees . She has to pay her roomand board costs . Again you are wrong in what you originally said and continue to be wrong .

Wow the anger in this graduation year is mind-boggling. Let’s all move on. At this point, it is just arguing for the sake of arguing. Please for the love of the game....let’s agree to disagree.

Btw I hope you all had a happy thanksgiving.

It has nothing to do with this graduation year its related to when you have an ill informed poster stating things that are completely false. Its not a lets agree to disagree situation as its not an opinion or interpretation of rules. The reason some find it so annoying is it may cause people to stress out such as the player who has verballed but now reads this type of uneducated post and is now concerned that what their future coach told them is wrong.
"With multi-year scholarships now available for Division I schools, those colleges and universities have the option to offer athletics financial aid for more than one year. Such an agreement requires the school to provide financial aid to the student-athlete in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement. "
This is directly from the NCAA website. Its fairly easy to understand yet when you have someone who refuses to accept the information they are putting out there is incorrect it gets frustrating. In the end the lesson seems to be educate yourself so your child is in position to make the best choices.

I was speaking on behalf of the people that read this thread.

And yes I am on different graduation year threads..... this one exudes anger.