You are forgetting about another group out there that is now making a big move to get a slice of that pie. Have you noticed how many more college clinics and etc are going on. There are a handful of clinics or showcases now scheduled around the Florida money grab. Now, they will have 2 extra years to siphon money off of you and still cannot talk to you. Before, it was only primarily the commits or players being recruited to specific schools that were attending the camps and clinics after freshman year or so in high school. Has anyone else noticed this?


You are spot on. College coaches are raking in money from camps and clinics.

However, let me make one contrast...

If you sign your kid up for a college camp/clinic, you are pretty well assured that she will be "seen" by a particular coach at a particular school your kid likes.

On the other hand, when you sign up for a club team and their tournaments, you are HOPING that the college coach your kid emailed will show up to watch her play AND that the club coach will put her on the field.

We'll only know on 9/1/2018 whether the choices we made for our daughters were the right ones. 289 days and counting...