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[quote=Anonymous]YJ Curcio still a nightmare, picture has gotten much clearer. Parents out weigh coach I guess, the lynch mob that went to CR got their way. Studs only play and we play to win regardless that its a showcase or championship formats.

You are either a troll trying to start trouble or a completely ill informed flaccid looser. Lynch mob that went to CR , please tell us about that and what was said , you really are a loser .

I guess that you were not part of the mob that informed CR that they still want to win at all costs and that equal playing time wasn't an option - I guess we know
where your kid is in the pecking order[/quot

So what your saying is several parents went to CR to complain about your kid playing and you knew about it and your such a placid loser you say nothing to these people . Not sure what’s worse that you make up this story with no facts or you portray yourself as such a loser who refuses to advocate for your kid when she is being treated like a doormat , what a loser either way.