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And let me guess! The club programs are not, thanking you @ Christmas time lol. Oh I get it my little Suzy is committed,or maybe not but still pays for tryouts, for the same team they been playing with for over a decade. Oh I get it. My little Suzy is so good she does “NOT” attend anything without the other club girls because the directors told us not too. And this line, all the good girls only play for YJ. Well you should have attended Sunday’s Elite 80 and look at the 3 girls that stood out, and the coaches were going crazy for. All great shooters, field awareness, stick work, and one who would run circles around most kids on YJ. If they are not committed as of yet! They diffently left a great impression on the coaches in attendance. As some of the coaches gave special attention on field #2 to numbers 7,46, and #54 that kid is something to watch. And my daughters A team TG coach was there, a bit surprising but still an excellent event.

TG parent says it all...Could be the rudest, me me ball , parents out there...and Im not from LI..we do spank you every year though..ding ding $595.00 please ..thank you for shopping!