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curcio's formula of putting the " best team " on the field and win at all costs is not working.. if you look back 2 years ago, they were beating everyone all while playing everyone equally.. nothing will change next year.. tight bench, parents will [lacrosse], and they still will not win a meaningful game.

You people are ridiculous . The posts about Curcios team are either a team parent who is being deliberately misleading or someone who does not have a player on the team and is just ignorant ,either way they are just trying to build up their kid by knocking others down. In reality Curcios team has beaten many top teams MD, Heroes etc this fall. Playing time last summer was essentially equal and and a little less this fall. To say they are playing to win at all cost is ridiculous , the generally considered best player on the team ( UNC commit) by the coach has not started many of the fall games .Whats worse is if this is a parent of one of the players stop being a coward and have a discussion with Curcio or go to another club and if this is some troll from another club grow up and at least get your facts straight.