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do you honestly think that if a coach leaves and/or gets fired, that the new coach automatically keeps the commits from the prior coach??

He is not talking about if a coach leaves or gets fired.

But I agree with you personally.

If a kid gains 15lbs and the coach sees it, the scholarship will be taken away.

If a coach gets a better player to come in your position, the coach will take it away and so on and so on ....

Doesn’t matter whether I can name an instance of whether it has happened or not. It happens ..... I am not saying a lot. But if I came up with a statistic, I would say 15-20% of verbal commits are taken away by the active coach ....either because someone better came along or they realized this kid just isn’t what we thought she would become. Either way it doesn’t matter....what the reason is. A verbal commitment is meaningless until the contract is signed.

With the new rule of recruiting, it is a lot better for the players and the coaches. They can actually see more of the player and personality and the kid can make a better decision on whether going to a certain school.