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I'll stop criticizing the players when you stop holding the coaches accountable for everything that goes wrong on field. Players need to be accountable as well. You just want to rant on the coach. It's a two way street. Looking at their record the last two years something went right. Oh that was all the players when they won, I'm sure they weren't told what to then as well. Typical finger pointing from the same people. Yawn!!

No...you'll stop criticizing the players now.

The coach is an adult and an employee of a public school and therefore a public figure charged with maintaining the welfare of her players while in her charge. The opinions of the parents of these minors concerning her alleged behavior will be posted.

Hop, it is disconcerting that you, as the moderator, not only seem to join in with these parents, who are ruining the reputation of this woman with outright lies to further their own agenda, but are defending their behavior. Also, even more interesting is that I commented about this same thing yesterday and somehow it did not get posted to this thread. I am not one to believe in conspiracy's but that seems suspicious, don't you think??????

I think your an idiot if you think it's ok for the person who said they will continue to criticize players because the coach is under scrutiny. Players are minors. Coach is an adult and public school employee. Further, I find it humorous that you accuse me of defending anyone's point of view when I simply defend their right to have an opinion. Big difference.

Also, I will defend anyone's right to call out someone who some contributors feel may be mistreating kids. In addition I'm suspicious of an AD who hangs up on BOTC owner Larry Miller when he calls to try and help shed light on an apparent run away train.
Lastly, you can take your conspiracy theory and suspicions somewhere else and maybe read some of the posts from many people with seemingly real concerns.


You seem to be the one with a reading comprehension problem. I criticized YOU for joining with the PARENTS in criticizing this coach, I said nothing about any of the players (you can re-read my post). Also, you should re-read your posts, where you are calling out anyone who dares to defend this woman and encouraging these parents to seek recourse (frankly, if the accusations are true-I am sure they do not need you to tell them what to do).

As for your accusation that you feel compelled to call out anyone who is mistreating kids, well that's very noble, but do you know if these accusations are true? No you do not.

Also, why is Larry Miller calling the AD based on what is written on an anonymous blog? Why would she even dignify that?? She did the correct thing by not speaking to him. All districts have very strict policy's regarding speaking to outside sources including the media (which I hesitate to call BOC). This site is not Newsday, you don't deserve a conversation with the AD, nor should you get one.

Finally, but most importantly, I will assume you do not live in Huntington. I do. You read accusations on here and think you have an idea of what is going on. You don't. This is the work of a small group of parents that feel, for whatever reason, disenfranchised by this coach. The accusations of bullying, screaming, telling the kids they are no good. They are false. If you sat in the stands for a varsity game you would see this group of parents, but if you didn't see them you would be able to hear them and the venom they are spewing towards this coach. You would also see them give the 'solidarity' sign to their kids (who give it back from the field). They want her out, and they will stop at nothing to make that happen.

The bottom line is this. If it isn't this coach, it will be the next coach this group will have a problem with. Just because posters come on this site and say something does not mean they a) do not have an agenda b) are being truthful.

As for my conspiracy theory, I believe it's still valid. You never posted my earlier comments questioning your motives. However, after I changed my post you put it up. Only after I removed the part where I questioned your objectivity as it relates to a major advertiser on this site and how your affiliation with them may cloud your objectivity.