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They tried to double the ball but they never played the adjacent player, it is quite easy to beat a double that way. That player was wide open every time, why not pressure everyone closest to ball and have the farthest defender split 2 , pretty basic stuff. Sorry but that is the sad fact.

Seriously , and then you would be complaining when one of the two kids that killed you got the skip pass from the other one because she was wide open because the defender guarding her had "two". Some would have said just shut done the two big scorers and make the rest of the team beat you, but of course when the kid with 5 goals on the season scores 6 then that's bad coaching again. You lost because the two best players on the field took over the game and WB did not feel like they had to do the politically correct thing and spread the ball out, the WB coaches probably do not care about all the whiny parents saying this is a team sport and said lets force the ball to our big two.