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I heard this has all happened in the past. (Within the past 5 years). It was brought to the AD and the school board and NOTHING changed. Now there is a colossal problem and people are fed up. This ball was dropped on many levels. There are paper trails and people coming forward who my have been afraid to speak up in the past. It is a sad situation and my heart goes out to these girls. They have felt helpless for the past few years. They have been bullied and manipulated with no one in authority willing to listen. I would be very worried if I were the AD or KW. This probably could have been handled quietly and in a dignified manner if they had both stepped down. I'm afraid for them that it will now become very public. What is going on with the school board? Why haven't they stepped in already?

With all this bad press, I can't imagine they will let this go on any longer.