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Huntington backup goalie outstanding at schoolgirls tournament. What does that say about huntington coach.
I think it means that mommy and daddy couldn't handke their child on the bench!! Jesus people leave these coaches alone!!

what I think it means is that these "coaches" focused more on their personal preferences based on outside teams and previous relationships rather than actually playing the BETTER goalie and feeding the kids empty promises. These coaches did not do their jobs to better these girls' games and let conflict of interest get in the way of team that could have transcended what they sadly were during the season. Mommy and Daddy did a fantastic job at getting their daughter the RIGHT coach and let their kid's skill stick it to the HS coach in the best way possible. I'm genuinely glad they're gone.

I understand that you obviously thought your daughter was the better player, and she is obviously very good. However, did you ever stop to think that the goalie who played over her was also very good?? No, of course not, because you felt the need to destroy these women because you have a case of 'my daughter is better' Sad.

This site provides an outlet for people to voice their concerns.

There are many parents who feel that confronting a coach directly will only result in negative consequences for their child.

We all know that there are crazy parents out there who are not capable of honestly evaluating their children.

Hopefully we also know that there are more than a few coaches out there who do more harm than good.

I am not familiar with the Huntington situation but I cant listen to the whiny coaches any longer.

I have read many time on this site how the coaches are underpaid and how it is a thankless job. Every time someone writes a negative comment about a coach it is assumed that it was written by a parent of a player who is sitting on the bench. "Coaches want to win" "Coaches play the best players" "Coaches will be fired if they do not win" , all BS in my humble opinion. There are some really bad coaches out there and they should be removed.

There are coaches who will punish the player if they have a problem with the parent. There are coaches who allow their personal feelings to influence decisions. Some coaches are spiteful and vindictive. Some coaches are incompetent. Some lack character. Some are allowing money to create a conflict of interest. Some have thin skin and rabbit ears. Some post on this site. Some care very much what is written here. Some try and figure out what parents are posting on here. Some refuse to look in the mirror and give an honest assessment of themselves and the Job they have done.

If a conflict of interest was present and it had a negative impact on the Huntington Girls Program then shame on the coaches.

If there were crazy parents who drove the coaches out without cause then shame on them.

If the coach could not find a way to play a player who is "very good" then shame on the coach. (learn to manage the situation)

Here is a message to all the coaches out there.

Do the right thing. Do not coach for a Club Team, do not create your own Town Club Team. Do not become too friendly with ANY of the parents. Do not gossip about players or parents. Do not whine about the parents. Do not permit any parent to influence you especially regarding any of the players. Do not have pre conceived notions about players or parents.

Just go and coach. Leave your agenda and ego at the door, it is not about you it is about the kids. If you can not handle the crazy parents then do not coach.

The "Program" belongs to the kids, not the coaches. If your skin is thin and you have become bitter then find something else to do with your time.

I think a very basic rule would be no HS coaches that have a child in the same school district. This can be seen as the root of many problems. It's just too easy to point to favoritism, why would a school set themselves up for that? Every year you saw 1-2 more Huntington girls being added to this YJ team. It is just too intertwined. Parent coaches should end after PAL.