I started coaching youth sports 15 years ago. I loved all sports growing up on Long Island. I have five kids and have coached football,soccer,baseball,basketball and Lacrosse.

When I was growing up playing sports in the 70's parents were not involved. We played for our school teams and respected our coaches !

Now, almost every parent has the thought that maybe their kid can get into a great college. So they buy into the club teams that have found that they can make a ton of tax free money by selling them a dream.

The parents and the money hungry club teams have changed high school sports.
They hear the stories of kids getting commitments in 8th or 9th grade and are willing to try anything to help their kids. The club teams know this and play the parents, milking them of thousands of dollars that should be put towards school related activities.

The parents get angry when the high school coaches don't play their kids after giving the club teams a ton of money so they stay on the sideline complaining and starting trouble for the high school coaches.

The club teams also try to influence college coaches to look at their players. The parents that are the best customers get the first looks. It has become a big money game !

I feel sorry for the high school coaches who are not in it for the money but because they just love the game !