Stop trying to drag elevate into this. You are deflecting once again. The only reason the elevate coaches came to games was to show support to our girls because they were so upset all season long. It gave them comfort, that's all. Give it a rest. This has gone on before. People who have had problems in the past are coming back to voice their opinions again because nothing has been done to correct the problem. And this isn't just about the elevate girls either. Everyone was unhappy with the exception of a few and we know the reasons why. Bottom line is this, these are incredible, talented, intelligent girls, many have 4.0 GPAs or close to it. They are kind and caring and have awesome parents. They work hard in school and on the field. They just want to be treated with the respect that they deserve. Trust me, ask their teachers, when they are treated with respect they show it in return in great quantities.