Hello Parents,

My name is Molly Burnett. Most of you know me as the now ex assistant varsity coach at Huntington High School. I have been debating posting my input on this website for some time now and now that I have officially stepped down I am finding that it is the right time to do so. I know that most of you will probably skip right over this post, written by someone as “incompetent”, “terrible” and “dumb” as myself (your words, not mine) but if you do happen to continue reading this I urge you to do so with open minds.

As an alumni of the Huntington High School lacrosse program I was so proud and excited to be involved in coaching your girls, and to do it next to one of the best coaches I knew, Kathy Wright, just seemed to be the icing on the cake. Let me make something very clear, I truly do not care what you say about me on BOTC, I understand that many of you as parents just want what’s best for your daughters. If you think that I’m an “imbecile” or “horrible” that is your own personal opinion and you are entitled to that. What you say on this website has no effect on me whatsoever. However, the fact that you come on this website and anonymously slander someone as wholehearted as Kathy makes me sick to my stomach.

If you want to talk about a coach that goes above and beyond what is required of a High School lacrosse coach then look no further. Kathy devotes her entire self to a thankless job. I have been involved in the lacrosse community for close to two decades and never have I ever met a more kind, caring, selfless and talented lacrosse coach than Kathy. She truly cares about your daughters, not only as lacrosse players, but as people. She is one of the only coaches that I know to say “School and Health come first” and actually mean it and if you were all too jaded to see the gem that was in front of you then I truly feel sorry for you.

I will not go into what happened during this season, as if I were to name any of your daughters and their actions and their college coaches were to come across this that would be the end of their collegiate lacrosse careers. You all know what your daughter’s partook in, and to be honest, I’m not sure if I can entirely blame them. Children are a direct reflection of their upbringing and having parents that chose to come onto an anonymous website to bash the coaching staff instead of calling the office to arrange a sit down in regards to their concerns is obviously going to translate to the way your daughters chose to conduct themselves. The fact that some of you even promoted their actions and were directly involved with helping your daughter's slander the coaching staff leaves me to believe that no matter what coach was in our position, it wouldn't matter.

All of your girls are extremely talented, and the ones that are going on to play lacrosse in college all deserve to be playing for the teams they are. But parents, I am telling you, you are doing them a huge disservice by fighting their battles for them and promoting the kind of hatred that you spewed towards us this season. I ask of you to place your daughter in our shoes, how would you feel if grown adults were saying the things that you all said about us to your daughter. Imagine your daughter, fresh out of college and wanting to continue her lacrosse career by coaching. Imagine her in 30 years, married and with children, working full time and putting in countless unpaid hours for an underpaid high school lacrosse job. Now imagine her coming onto this website to see everything that the parents of the girls she is working so hard to help, to coach, to mentor, spewing the utter hatred that you have all done this past season.

As your girls head off to college I hope you, as parents, have the decency to sit back and let your daughter’s flourish into the amazing women that I know they can become. College lacrosse is a completely different animal and if you expect the coaches to baby your girls and tell them “everything will be okay” you are in for a rude awakening. In college, if you can't produce there are five other girls riding the bench that can. You need tough skin and an even tougher work ethic and without both of these there is absolutely no way to excel at the collegiate level. If you believe that calling the AD or the President of the college will make a difference then you’re right. It will make a difference in that your girl’s college coach will bench her based on principle alone. All of your girls have the potential to do amazing things, I just hope that during their collegiate careers they learn humility, mental toughness and courage that so obviously lacking on this website.

I am sure that after I post this there will be a number of anonymous comments calling me all sorts of things, and to those users that do not possess the courage to tell me what they think of me to my face, all I can say is that I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you have reached a point in your life where you feel that you need to feel good about yourself by anonymously posting about people who dedicate a significant amount of time, effort and money to making your daughters better lacrosse players, athletes and most of all better people. When push comes to shove and lacrosse is all over all that really matters is how you come out of it as a person, this is a lesson every athlete will learn at some point and when your daughters finally do I hope they can hold their heads up high and say with no uncertain terms that they are proud of the women they have become.

The next time you decide to slander a coach I urge you to read a great article, titled "I Am Your Coach. Not Your Mother." and if you still have concerns I beg of you to request a sit down with the coach and AD to discuss any concerns you may have.

Any coach worth their salt will take any problems or concerns you may have seriously, excluding the often used“I think my daughter is better so she should be playing,” excuse that so many parents believe to be a valid reason that their daughters should be playing. I assure you, every coach has a valid reason for who is on the field and why and I can promise you that none of it has to do with their outside teams.
To the parents and the players that supported Kathy and I during this past season, whether it be in the stands, on this blog or in general, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You were truly a bright light during this past season and I cannot thank you enough. If there is anyone else who wishes to make derogatory comments about last years Huntington High School coaching staff, please feel free to call me on my cell. All your daughters have my number.

Best Regards,
Molly Burnett