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I'll stop criticizing the players when you stop holding the coaches accountable for everything that goes wrong on field. Players need to be accountable as well. You just want to rant on the coach. It's a two way street. Looking at their record the last two years something went right. Oh that was all the players when they won, I'm sure they weren't told what to then as well. Typical finger pointing from the same people. Yawn!!

The only thing that went right is she was handed a talented group of girls to coach. This year the wheels came off because she is so clueless. The girls would have been better off coaching themselves- they know what to do. Coach sabotaged their success over and over again and then blamed the girls. But don't worry! She has big plans for next year! Already telling girls they are not wanted any more because her jv players are so strong! People have been talking about this conflict of interests for years and now here it is. Get ready Huntington. You think you have problems now? Wait until KW has all of her YJ superstars playing. Her moving this many 7th graders up was so unprecedented (and supported by our AD) that the board had to quickly pass a new law forbidding it in the future. What a nightmare.