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Why are you on BOTC? If everyone is such a coward, why don't you address everyone transparently? You're doing the same thing. People are upset and frustrated at the situation and you are engaging them in a contentious discussion. And you've criticized the girls' playing. Can those girls all really be that terrible? When they play on their club teams, they are recognized universally as some of the best players in the country. They are all going to really great schools. Perhaps the coach could be a bit more reflective about what works with the team and what doesn't. It is certain that sitting great players out and never giving them positive feedback, and telling teammates to injure one another is not working. Everyone knows what the goal is here- and it is really clear that it is more important for this coach to keep some particular girls from succeeding than having a winning season. She has lost sight of what true coaching is. I never imagined this game that we all love and have shared with our daughters and their teammates would become so awful and damaging. What a shame. Obviously you are close to KW and care about her, but it's not necessary to say how pathetic the high school players are. When your daughter is on varsity, she can prove herself with her skills. The difference will be that she will be celebrated and protected, but many other girls, who show up for every game, will not.

Part of the problem is the parents in Huntington over inflated assessment of their kids abilities. What does "recognized universally as some of the best players in the country " mean. Recognized by who ? No offense but the travel team is universally recognized as middle of the road ,certainly not top tier.I get that many of them are going to some great schools but a lot goes into that other than lacrosse skill ie maybe a parent went to the school, maybe the kid would most likely get in because they are very good academically but were given no money just an early commit based on academics remaining high( a no brainer for the college coach because it costs them nothing). There are plenty of schools who have parents that believe they underperform because of the coaches you just don't have them on here whining about it.

1. If you saw how heavily most of these girls were recruited, by the top programs in the country, you'd understand "recognized universally." In no case, was the interest because of a parent or only academics.

2. People are on BOTC "whining" about the team's under performance because it is a direct result of the coaching. If parents from other programs feel the same way but don't want to say anything, that's their business.

3. These whining parents are taking the case elsewhere and trying as hard as they can to make change. This forum is just for discourse.

1)Were they more heavily recruited than girls from other travel clubs or even equally recruited as TG top team, YJ top team, MD top team, Skywalker top team, Capital top team, Steps top team. I understand Universally accepted and to say they are Universally accepted as some of the best players in the country is just pompous. Question for you , when some of those players moved clubs what level team did they make.
2) Amazing when a coach has so many of the universally accepted best players in the country and they are successful everyone says anyone could coach that group but when the team does poorly its always the coaches fault
3) sounds about right [/quote]

Not privy to the recruiting in other clubs, but if there is a recruiting class of about 8 girls for one college and the girls are widely sought after, I'd say that's fairly accurate. No one moved to other clubs. In this case it is the coach's fault. Sounds about right.