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7th grade girls have no choice to be dirty because they have two of the worst coaches in the game. KW and JM should be banned - awful coaches who only focus on their kids and are true YJ trash.

Huntington wake up and do something about this. Your program is going downhill FAST. KW should stop coaching altogether. She'll pull her daughter up to varsity next year along with all her friends and that's a complete conflict of interest!!!! Take action now before this becomes even more of a disaster next year.

KW - do the smart thing and step down! Just sit in the stands and watch your kid play!!!!!!

You either do not have a daughter who plays lacrosse or are just spewing hate, because clearly you have NO idea about these girls. The 7th grade girls who are on JV belong there, they are as good as the players on that team if not better!!! The 7th grader who plays attack is by far the best player on the team. They are not dirty, they play hard, every game. Whether it is for their LISGL or JV. Get a clue and stop whining because your daughter didn't make the team or doesn't get enough playing time.

Heres a fair assessment: some parents should not and cannot coach their own children, for multiple reasons. I think that clearly applies here.