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Here's the real funny thing, the school w8th the most D1 committed girls all play for the same club except . Best team in N.Y., 2nd or 3rd b3st team in the country, top 3 recruit. But no love. That team has and will continue to produce some oc the best players in the country.

Credit due. That's where having nearly all the school players, play for the same travel club pays off. School teams kicks butt, travel teams not so much. The rest of the clubs and schools on LI operate on a much different model, clubs are hand picking the very top players from various school districts and those club teams are strong, for a couple top clubs anyway. Flip side is the school teams are not quite as strong. Fully in agreement that your school team rocks, club teams are not top end and know too many people done with the politics. Unfortunate thing is there is no where to go to get away from the politics.