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Can someone please explain to an outsider, in 100 words or less, what the story is here… reading these posts, it looks like some parents feel there is a coach with a biased towards her private/for profit club players.
Fact based questions: Is the Coach affiliated, i.e. gets paid for coaching or has a relative that plays for a for profit lax club. If so, which one?
Are there players on the team from that club?
Are there players on the team from other "competing" clubs?
Is there a policy at the school district forbidding coaches from engaging in for profit outside employment that would create the appearance of impropriety in relation to their coaching responsibilities at the school.
Give the full story please, no innuendo.

Thank you for being so succinct in your questioning;

The varsity coach gets paid to coach for Yellow Jackets.

There are players on the varsity team who play for Yellow Jackets.

The daughter of the coach also plays for Yellow Jackets.

This year a number of 7th graders from Yellow Jackets, including the coach's daughter, were pulled up to J.V.

There are players on the varsity team who play for Elevate.

It is a fact that some players from Elevate do not receive the same attention/playing time as some of those from the coach's travel club.

The varsity coach has been friends with the Yellow Jackets director since college, when they played together, and I think roomed together.

I don't know if there is a policy in the district about this conflict of interest and impropriety but parents deserve to have one implemented as soon as possible.