What you all are failing to understand is that the group of girls that play on Elevate are not the problem nor is the coaching, the parents are. There was never a rift in between Elevate and YJ until Kotowski started coming to the games and badmouthing the coaches. What kind of person does that? He purposely created a rift to drive the parents apart, and drive the players away from their coaches, so he and his daughter could step in and use Huntington as a feeder program for their "Not for Profit Organization". Any person who would sit in the stands of a HIGH SCHOOL lacrosse game and yell at TEENAGERS is sick. The fact that the parents bought into it is even worse.

You want to talk about bullying? How about what those Huntington girls did to the coaching staff? That was pretty much the definition of the word. But you know what? You can't even blame the kids because they are just that, they're kids. That come straight from horrible parenting. What kind of women do you want your girls to grow up to be by teaching them this kind of hate? It's really very sad because this looked like a year that Huntington could really do something but there is only so much the coaches can do when they tell the girls something and then they go home and their parents are telling them to do something different. It's the same as not speaking ill of a child's teacher in front of them because then the child loses respect for them, it's just something you don't do.

Really all of you that come on this site and spew hate should take a good hard look at the kind of people you are, and more importantly the kind of people you want your daughters to be.