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If you're talking about the junior, she started at YJ and stayed for 2 years. Then she switched to Elevate. Not sure what you're talking about and that little detail cannot really be the only reason you can't believe anything anyone says. There is a sophomore who is new to the Huntington team who plays Elevate and if you're saying she played Elevate then YJ and then Elevate again (I have no idea because it's so uninteresting) doesn't that just say that ultimately Elevate was the better fit for that player? No one is trying to mislead you or stand in the way of your high-level detective work. Difficult to comment on the goalie situation because everyone knows how awful it was for 2 of the 3 goalies. KW single handedly ruined the 3rd string goalie's high school lacrosse experience. Let me know how you would have felt all these years as a parent (I am not her parent) watching while your daughter suits up for game after game and is never considered. If you think you'd just smile and say "well, the coach knows best!" you are not being honest. The same goes for all of the girls who never saw the field all season, but that goalie is a D1 commit after all.

My town has several D-1 commits that never see the field and our coaches have no connection to any travel club, so that fact alone isn't compelling. Some of the other things posted here sound troubling, but they're posted anonymously as are the counterpoints claiming they are completely false.