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[quote=Anonymous]I've read the posts. These 2 are the closest thing I can find to specifics:

"You can doubt it all you want, but yesterday she publicly shamed three of her starters in front of the rest of the team and told them how horrible they are and that she doesn't need them. Not a great team building strategy. Last year she allowed a bunch of girls to go on a trip over Spring Break- gave them all permission- and then when the team lost a game, she screamed and yelled at those girls and blamed them for the loss. She creates incredible conflict for the girls within the team."

"Lastly, I am sure this post will receive complaints from the same people who are OK with coaches who use bullying tactics on children and use their influence as coaches as a threat to college careers. It's not about yelling at kids because they make mistakes. It's bullying kids and belittling them on the field in front of their peers, their teammates and their opponents. How about you try coaching them instead of tearing them down? Imagine a teacher ripping a kids head off in math class because she got a question wrong and threatening to call the admissions officer at the college they are applying to "to tell them they are not good enough.""

Sorry, this doesn't qualify as bullying to me. On its face, these are just instances of holding players accountable. If she has a negative style, that's unfortunate, but so do lots of coaches - and many of them happen to be great coaches. Personally, I find the nepotism allegations more disturbing - if the kids don't belo

It's not bullying when a coach makes starters stand on one line, non-starters stand on another, and then publicly shame the starters in front of the whole team? Then make two girls step forward and tell them that they are no longer needed, do nothing right, are a detriment to the team, etc. when those two girls were the heart of the team?

It's not bullying when she tells girls to bruise each other and hurt their teammates in order to "toughen up"?

It's not bullying when the girls college careers are threatened and when they are told that their coaches will be called because girls more deserving of those spots should have them?

It's not bullying when she allows her own personal agenda to get in the way of doing what's right - and therefore chooses players from the club team that she is paid to coach on (and that her daughters play for) to favor and then puts down all the other girls in the process?

It's not bullying when she makes a rule that the girls are no longer allowed to go talk to their club coach after the games, even though she is someone who has always supported them and is someone they can always turn to and feel safe with?

It's not bullying when she got angry that the girls were braiding their hair and screamed at them to shave their heads?

It's not bullying when she forces multiple girls to tryout for JV and then to just cut them in order to mask the fact that she just wanted to pull her daughter and friends up?

It's not bullying when she doesn't let a senior goalie - who is going to a division 1 school - step on the field basically the entire season, even in games where they were winning by 10 goals - and provide no explanation to the poor girl?

It's not bullying when she tells girls they are awful and don't know how to play lacrosse?

It's not bullying when she creates an environment in which the girls are scared and uncomfortable at every practice, and were relieved when the season was over because the bullsh** was finally over?

There are MANY more instances. These are only a few. These are WONDERFUL young women who should be enjoying playing the sport that they once loved - not dreading it. MAKE A CHANGE HUNTINGTON.

Honestly the coach should just step down its not worth dealing with some of these overly hysterical parents, many of the things you state depend on the context in which they were stated. The bruising each other thing sounds a lot like a coach asking the girls to get more physical with one another in practice to simulate game physicality , run into the same problem with my daughters team they let the offense walk right in because they don't want to hurt each other.
The contradiction about the goalie seems to be that doesn't that goalie play for the coaches club team , the club that she so clearly favors anyone that plays for it, can't have it both ways. Maybe the school board and AD have done nothing because the parents are so emotional that its difficult to separate fact from fiction. When they do replace the coach hopefully they hire a coach with no kids in the district, no club affiliation, no ties to anyone with kids in the district and a lot of cheese, crackers and diapers to deal with all the whiny babies.

You are disgusting. Calling children whiny babies? You read this entire thread and came to the conclusion that it's the kids fault? Get off this website and get your life together. Pathetic.

pretty sure he/she was referring to the parents