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I'll stop criticizing the players when you stop holding the coaches accountable for everything that goes wrong on field. Players need to be accountable as well. You just want to rant on the coach. It's a two way street. Looking at their record the last two years something went right. Oh that was all the players when they won, I'm sure they weren't told what to then as well. Typical finger pointing from the same people. Yawn!!

No...you'll stop criticizing the players now.

The coach is an adult and an employee of a public school and therefore a public figure charged with maintaining the welfare of her players while in her charge. The opinions of the parents of these minors concerning her alleged behavior will be posted.

Hop, it is disconcerting that you, as the moderator, not only seem to join in with these parents, who are ruining the reputation of this woman with outright lies to further their own agenda, but are defending their behavior. Also, even more interesting is that I commented about this same thing yesterday and somehow it did not get posted to this thread. I am not one to believe in conspiracy's but that seems suspicious, don't you think??????