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KW is now coaching the 4th grade Yellow Jackets B team. I can't imagine these tactics would be tolerated for 9 and 10 year olds. Is she different with these young girls compared to the Huntington team? Has anyone seen her with the little YJ's?

What a shock! This KW person, BTW, what is her full name, being on board the Carol Rose train is painting quite an image to me of the situation.

Any way, what is this chick's name? KW.

Kathleen Wright

I would be careful here, everything that is written on this blog is subject to the law. What you are all doing is libelous. You may think you are anonymous on this site but you are not. The false accusations you have made here are actionable. They can find out who you are. You can not defame someone's name because you are having a hissy fit because your daughter doesn't play lacrosse.

Oh, and by the way, for those who are complaining, lacrosse is a VOLUNTARY ACTIVITY. If your daughter can't take a little aggressive coaching tell her to stop playing.

That's really sound advice for someone who has aspirations to play in college!!! You cannot just quit your HS team and not have a college coach question that. That is a stupid comment. The responsibility lies with the coach to conduct herself professionally and as an adult. I have no affiliation with Huntington lacrosse but for you posters telling these girls to quit...that just makes you sound ignorant.