Looking for opinions
Girl is a non top 20 D1 commit. Makes Varsity but gets pulled into the coaches office and told "your past has caught up to you" because her parents had a couple of disagreements with the school 3 and 6 years earlier. She is told by the coach "if there is a single problem with you I will cut you out like a cancer". The girl herself is a hard working student that has never had a problem of any kind, she didn't even ditch on senior cut day. Girls on the team start spreading rumors about her (later to be exposed as untrue) and is confronted by one of the team "captains" and threatened, but is too afraid to approach the "coach" because she doesn't want to be seen as a problem. She practices hard every day taking shot after shot while her counterpart lackadaisically prances around the field only taking part in the drills she wants , and sometimes completely abandoning the position to socialize. The girl is never given the chance to compete in games (except 1).
My question is this. Isn't it the A.D. job to make sure that these people we entrust our kids to are not only keeping our kids safe, but treating them fairly and with respect? I have never seen the A.D. attend a practice, how could they possibly know how a coach is without seeing them interact with the kids? What are we paying these people for? I know I sound sappy , but why can't these kids be treated right while in school? I know some of you will say that that is the way the world is, and your right, but is it really the schools job to teach them that people can be cruel, isn't that our job as parents?