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KW is now coaching the 4th grade Yellow Jackets B team. I can't imagine these tactics would be tolerated for 9 and 10 year olds. Is she different with these young girls compared to the Huntington team? Has anyone seen her with the little YJ's?

What a shock! This KW person, BTW, what is her full name, being on board the Carol Rose train is painting quite an image to me of the situation.

Any way, what is this chick's name? KW.

Kathleen Wright

And look who her partner is at 2023, can't make this stuff up!

YJ 2023 Rebecca Thorn ESM

YJ 2023 Wright Huntington HS

That is unbelievable! These two coaches are being accused of all the same types of bullying and abuse, and they actually coach together for YJ? Wow, you're right - you can't make this stuff up!!