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This saga is getting old. It's over and finished. Let it be over and finished.

It appears judging by the unbiased selection of Schoolgirls and the apparent favoritism those watching this team are accusing the coach of that this saga is just beginning.
I hope this results in players being treated fairly in the future and the club affiliation favoritism among coaches with an obvious conflict of interest goes away.

US Lacrosse has addressed this issue with unbiased selectors at schoolgirls tryouts. With that said the Team 1 goalie is the kid who sat on the bench most of the year for Huntington.

Just doesn't add up.

No offense but the reasoning of your post just does not add up. The starting goalie was ineligible to try out this year so if she had who knows what the outcome would have been. Also without rosters for school girls being posted its very difficult to see if there was any bias in the team selections. The coach of team 1 is after all an Elevate coach In the past every anti YJ person would have been on here with their conspiracy theories of why no rosters etc. if it was a YJ coach.

There was not a single elevate selector at schoolgirls. Team coaches have zero input as to selections. They are simply handed rosters.

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