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7th grade girls have no choice to be dirty because they have two of the worst coaches in the game. KW and JM should be banned - awful coaches who only focus on their kids and are true YJ trash.

Huntington wake up and do something about this. Your program is going downhill FAST. KW should stop coaching altogether. She'll pull her daughter up to varsity next year along with all her friends and that's a complete conflict of interest!!!! Take action now before this becomes even more of a disaster next year.

KW - do the smart thing and step down! Just sit in the stands and watch your kid play!!!!!!

How easy it is to call out two women who dedicate their lives to teaching this sport to our girls. Not only are these two great coaches, they have given these girls a love for the game. I can tell you that both were my daughters' PAL coaches and the girls loved and respected them, and still do. The issues in this town have nothing to do with JM or even KW, they have to do with a small group of parents who have decided that their daughter deserves more playing time. They have decided to use this as a wedge between their child and the varsity coach. What people have to understand is this. She is the coach, she makes the decisions. If your daughter isn't getting time, there is a reason. Stop complaining. When an MLB manager or NFL coach doesn't play the player you happen to think is better do you write a letter to the head of the league??? NO, they have a job to do and you should respect them. Unfortunately, this group of parents thinks they know better, which they do not.

I can tell you I heard the same comment from every single person in the stands at the playoff game. Girls didn't play like they wanted it.