The truth is, people have been complaining about the coaching staff for several years now. The argument between people who think parents/players are being ridiculous and the coaches were out of line is never going to be solved - it is personal opinion. Here are some facts I do know:
- Some people loved Kathy, some really did not. Of the people who do not like her, they ranged from field hockey players, to lacrosse starters, to lacrosse nonstarters.
- That being said, I don't think this was a matter of a club team director doing this. There were complaints made before everything went down from this year. There were also complaints made this year from plenty of people who were not involved in the director's club.

- I definitely understand the argument about goalies when people state that the starting goalie was very good - I agree! With that being said, how could you 1. barely play a goalie headed to UNC and who is nationally ranked and 2. BARELY play a senior goalie who was also headed to play college lacrosse and definitely deserved some time on the field. I am not talking about tight games, I am talking about games that I watched where Hton was winning by 10+ goals and these two goalies did not see more than 10 minutes on the field.

- I commend the assistant for what she wrote in this thread to an extent. I thought it was brave to post her name and to address everyone honestly. What I found wrong was that she would belittle parents and players so much so when she knows that many (not all!) were good people who had honest points. Once again, NOT ALL - some were ridiculous. I also found it wrong when she brought up the negativity it could bring the players if she wrote their names, specifically mentioning their college careers. That, in my opinion, was a subtle threat. Once again, MY OPINION.

- All in all, it is a shame that this Huntington team was not successful last year. With the talent they had, I believe they could have gone very far.

I think we need to stop playing the blame game - crazy parents, ungrateful kids, awful coach - and just realize that the situation at Huntington was volatile enough that a change had to be made. For the girls sake, we should move past pointing fingers and hope that they can spend the rest of their high school lacrosse careers having fun.