LMAO, What? Again could be wrong but seems the Elevate peoples smoking gun is the goalie situation and her favoritism of her club players .I believe the 3rd string goalie who is committed to D1 who rarely plays was YJ also so kind of puts that favoritism thing to bed. The AD not listening to the owner of this site who has a vendetta against YJ and voiced the theory that said AD may be "porking" the coach is just so unbelievable that they would ignore such a reliable and professional opinion. The Elevate crowd can be difficult to believe at times when they state none of the existing group left elevate to go YJ only to come back after they played a season with YJ2 , its easily verifiable that it happened.I like the Elevate parents and kids , very nice people and the owner is a descent guy but they have had unrealistic beliefs about the skill level of their teams for years.

This is not an Elevate issue. Some KW supporters and KW herself have tried to use this excuse. This is all about KW and how she has treated the girls. Don't try to deflect anything else. She owns it. Another key issue here is that the AD and the school were aware there were issues in the past and once new issues arose they did nothing about it. It will all come out over time. [/quote]

So every time all of you haters have brought up the goalie playing time issue you believe it has nothing to do with club affiliation .So could it be the coach was playing who she believes gives them the best chance to win. What I find incredible in all this is the coach has been accused of multiple issues of abuse etc., if you believe these issues to be true, yet you continue to let your child play for her and be subject to said abuse. There is no way to justify that as a parent unless you believe these accusations are false or being completely blown out of proportion.In what other context would you actually send your kid repeatedly back into an environment in which you believed she was going to be abused, pathetic and transparent.