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doesn't say anything about the coach. all it says is that Huntington girls back up goalie did well in a tournament but on her varsity team the coach feels that there's another goalie who's better than her. on her travel team she's the starter cuz she's the beat goalie on that team. that's usually how it works in sports. did I clear that up for you Huntington girls varsity lax back up goalie's mommy or daddy? I hope so.

Presumptuous of you to say the goalies parents are behind the posts calling attention to the coaching issue. There have been many contributors to this topic so your ASSumption doesn't hold water.
The posters have commented on direct examples leading to their opinions and you simply post personal attacks. Those posts are quite immature and seemingly constructed while under the influence as judged by the run on thoughts, lack of focus and amazingly horrible sentence structure.
If you care to make an argument then be our guest but give it some substance. Also relax with the personal attacks and blind accusations toward particular parents unless you have proof.

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