1. LIE is still the most complete team and is coached really well. Coach C get's the most out of his kids. Not the most athletic or physically dominant team, but they execute really well and have a dominant face off guy. This may change this year with all the holdbacks, but they'll remain in the hunt all year. They also added a few 2025s that will be a big help in the summer. Plus, the simply practice and play... often!

2. Sweetlax may be the most athletic team from top to bottom and added an awesome goalie. My biggest observation this fall is that they have limited their ball movement which was once better than any team I've seen at this age. Looks like they added some players but their ball movement has suffered. Maybe why their AGD has changed so much this fall? Still, they will be in the top 3 until proven otherwise.

3. Tigers have looked really strong this fall and had Sweetlax on the ropes on 2 different occasions and beat LIE. They have some talented offensive players and the face-off guy has been solid. Defense looks much improved as well.

Crabs and their holdback team will likely compete due to playing with very few actual 2026s, but until they show up and play the top 3 teams, they shouldn't have any claim to the top 3 spots. As I said, this will be settled on the field and if you have yet to see the top 3 teams play, you might want to check them out to see why they're so good and still playing in virtually every championship bracket.[/quote]

We are all getting tired of your detailed breakdowns of 8th grade lacrosse teams. Get a life.[/quote]

I didn’t post that comment, but I don’t see what’s wrong with it.
This forum is full of all types of entertaining, ridiculous, and informative comments.
If you don’t like the details, why are you reading and commenting on here and not tending to your amazing life? You only want to see people put each other down or make rude comments? That’s an honest question. What do you hope to find here if not a civilized comment or discussion about something in which we all clearly have an interest? We can’t all just say “sorry your kid got cut” or this forum would be a dead end.