This is the official ranking: Sweetlax, Tigers, Crabs, Express, Towermen, 91 based off fall results.[/quote]

BOTC official? US club updated 11/19[/quote]

Top 10 should be...

1. Sweetlax Upstate
2. Crabs
3. Tigers
4. LI Express
5. Hawks
6. West Coast Stars Gold
7. Stealth FL
8. Igloo
9. Leading Edge
10. DC Express

I don’t believe 6-10 or maybe 8-10 are top 10 teams. You’re forgetting the competition in other parts of the country.
There are other teams (from CA, TX, CO, NC) who could beat (or have already beaten) some of them and could challenge or beat 1-5 (or 1-7) too.