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My older kid plays for S2S. Good team and getting lots of commits. Younger one plays on a good 26 other team, any feedback on s2s at this age? What is reason s2s won’t become a powerhouse at 26? Thanks.

Express beats s2s by + 18 (being nice)

91 beats s2s by + 10 (give or take)

Igloo beats s2s + 8 (shutout)

The reason is simply that those teams are better. Express is the gold standard with 91 & Igloo not far behind. Every other team on L.I. is a glorified town team with nice helmets. Legacy is off the map and they were next up.

s2s is in the B/C category with the Rebels, Rush, Empire, Outlaws, ECE, and the other glorified town teams. Not sure how good [ChillLaxin] or ROAR is at this level but the top dogs are the top dogs and Express sits alone.

If you want to see where your team stands Coach C will set up a scrimmage and you'll know pretty quick. Glad that your sons team is getting commits but reality will set in quickly when the first wave of Express hits them. It's a mans game now. Be ready.

Express was scheduled to play the Rebels in a Delaware tournament last weekend. After Express was 2-0 and the Rebels were 0-2 in the tourney the schedule quickly changed so they wouldn't play each other. I guess the tournament director (Rebels owner) changed his mind seeing a blowout was in order.

Yes express would have easily crushed the Rebels. But based on the results of the first 2 games it was guaranteed to have express CoachC vs express jersey in the final. So they changed the 3rd game and had CoachC play jersey for the “final”. This way everyone could hit the road for a four hour plus drive.

Literally everyone there knew that would be the outcome. Why not schedule it that way from the start?