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about time 91 got a decent team. who cares how they did it, makes for better competition.
how did express smash laxachusetts and then get worked by Tigers and almost lose to 91? that does not make any sense. any color on that?

kids that tried out last summer and have been replaced care. short sided decision by the club to win some games will back fire when they lose kids.

Club lacrosse is a business and marketing first. Clubs cater to certain town team programs to ensure a pipeline of kids. However they want to win because parents and kids love winners lol.

I laugh when teams have 6 to 8 kids per grade from one hotbed town on a team. Growing up there were never 6 to 8 kids in my town that could make the top state travel basketball or baseball teams.

They have to keep the hotbed town lacrosse departments happy while adding outside players to compliment the 2 great town players

It is a business that needs a pipeline of future players.

So how many kids did the actually bring in an how many are on there sidelines during a game?