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Exactly. Enjoy if while it lasts because come mid July, half of these teams will way out of the top 10.

We've all seen Tigers and The Hawks play enough that we know those 2 will be in the top 10 eventually.

Towermen went undefeated this fall at the NTX tournament and looked really strong. The additions make them really strong. they only played four games so they are not ranked yet but certainly top six. Better than last summer.

Tigers finished second at NAL and lost to Sweetlax in OT and beat Express. Only played four games probably should be number two.

Hawks also had a strong fall. Lost by a goal to Sweetlax and lost to Express. In the Express game they were missing a lot of football players. So Hawks should be ranked number 5 with Sweetlax #1, Tigers, Crabs, Express, Hawks, Towermen.

Wildcard is Laxachusetts which is now the top team in the country as the whole 2025 team moved to 2026.

The rankings in mid-July will look something like this:
LI Express
True National
Leading Edge

Aren’t we getting to the point where we don’t care about what the team rankings are ? We are rapidly approaching the important years for recruiting. I am pretty sure college coaches don’t care about what your kids team was ranked. They recruit players. Not teams.