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Having watched club lacrosse for some time with my older boys and now with my 2026 son , i can honestly say this is an odd age group . Express is clearly number one and Igloo is clearly 2 , no other years has 91 been so irrelevant , usually they figure it out but it certainly seems like a coaching and a talent issue , that being said please don’t put ECE or moose and Express B in the same conversation as 91, that’s a joke !

I don’t think anyone was saying they were in the same conversation. Someone was just ranking teams. Express is clearly number one. Everyone else is in 2nd tier. I agree that this age group on Long Island just isn’t that good. I don’t know the head to head record but 91 always seems to beat igloo. I watched the the World Series game and 91 won in overtime with a bunch of 2027 kids. Great game.