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BOTC official Best teams by state:
NY: Sweetlax by a lot
LI: yea I know it’s not an actual state - Express
CT: Express North
MA: 3D NE - LXC fell off
PA: Tigers by a ton
NJ: Towermen - until LE beats them
MD: Crabs. Sorry Hawks. Your reign is over
VA: toss up between VLC and MadLax

Top 5:
LI Express

You forgot DC Express.

Did we ? No intentional. Dce not in this conversation. also intentional to leave out towermommys. Also angry crabs daddy. It’s only Sweetlax , tigers and express and that is a coin toss.

NJ not in discussion nationally or regionally until they have a sophomore year class top 5 team national team after a summer sophomore season. Will 25 BBL or LE do it their sophomore year? Will 26 Towermen or LE do it? I doubt it. Enjoy the 8th grade rankings.