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My 12 yr old is only accepting offers from Cuse and Duke. But first, he has to do 3 years of middle school, 5 years of high school, and a post grad year. He's hoping to go in as a 21 year old freshman so that he can buy beers for all the other incoming freshman.

We're planning on spending 4 years of college tuition cost on travel teams, training, and private schools so that he can get a scholarship to college.

He plays on a daddy ball travel team, but says the coaching stinks. Which is weird because I coach the team. We're thinking about switching to a team where he'll be the 30th best player on the roster because that travel team is really going to help him get into college. It's OK that he'll never play in a tournament because he'll get sweet gear and he'll be able to tell his friends who are better than he is that his team will beat theirs.

And this is all set in stone. I'm not worried about burnout, drugs and alcohol, injuries, etc. This has to be determined before he has even gone thru puberty, otherwise he won't get into college...this all makes sense, right?

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