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US Lacrosse Rankings
2022- 1st 91 Smash
2023- 1st 91 Bandits
2024- 1st 91 Wolfpack
2025- 4th 91 Shock
2026- 43rd 91 Storm
2027- 1st 91 Machine
Hmmmm. Shock just won World Series probably should be 1 ...Hard to make such a mess in 2026 ..Half of Express team played or Tried out for Storm 🧐 ..

We will see this fall. Shock was in the tank prior to the last year and they fixed it. 2026 made some much needed improvements this season starting with the head coach and adding/subtracting players. Should have addressed it earlier, but at least they did now. It is true that some top kids tried out for 91 and weren't taken and are on Express now. And the hometown kids they picked over them aren't even on the team anymore. Hence the coaching change.