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once again I will say. Express is clearly the best team in Long Island, that is their top AA team. They have shown that their other teams are Ok at Best. no different then most teams. The Express AA team is not great due to anything more then their marketing machine. Each and every year they poach players that have been developed on other teams to be on their team making it stronger. So lets stop bashing all the other teams in Long Island because they are essential to Express AA successes. Past Express, Igloo and 91 are the next level. Then there is another rung down for some other teams, then probably the full B teams. Which is fine, because as I said look at where all the new guys that Express Igloo and 91 poach they come from all the other teams, and then some express rejects who dont want to be on their B and C teams, go and play in another org. The only thing that sorts this out is the marketing. Express happens to be the best at it, and 91 is right there with them. All the others are second tier marketers and if they dont have the money and infrastructure around them they fail, like FLG.

Express is the best at this age level because they deliver the best product. Period. The amount of lacrosse that the team plays is head and shoulders above the other programs. They have already played in more games since September than most other programs play in an entire year. Facts. The kids work their tails off and get better. It isn’t a happy accident.