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Originally Posted by Anonymous
Rankings updated: Jan 13, 2022

1 LI Express CoachC (2026)
2 Baltimore Crabs (2026)
3 Texas Nationals Mohicans (2026)
4. Sweetlax Upstate NY (2026)
5. True National Black (2026)
6. Stealth Black Ops (2026)
7. Leading Edge (2026)
8. DC Express Black (2026)
9. Alcatraz Outlaws (2026)
10. NCF Triad Elite Red (2026)

Just asking, who did the Texas Nationals play to make the top 3? They could be good, but how would you know.

Rating system is only accurate at the end of the summer once you have a good sample size. Game input should only include March through July data. Texas nationals doesn’t exist in spring so really shouldn’t be included in the rankings.