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BECAUSE NOBODY KNOWS WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN! Thats the issue. Not quite sure how Travel Lax will play tournaments in July and August like they claim. Common sense says they wont. They need one legit program to come out and say "the safety of the players is what matters most and in this environment, without real direction, we are shutting it down and will re-evaluate in August".

The issue there is that the wacko parents will be blowing up their phones, mandating tournaments, etc. So to appease (keep them quiet) the clubs feed them all of these ficticious tournaments and have "Under the radar" practices. All in the name of buying time and silence. The whole system is flawed

Actual tournaments have already happened and the number will be picking up significantly over the next few weeks. IL's Delaware tournament starts tomorrow. Aloha has been hosting tournaments in Maryland (with out of state teams) since this past weekend. And NAL is in less than two weeks.

Another league bites the dust but hey we have a tourney in Maryland. And they are talking about not even having Fall sports in the Spring! Hopefully its not a matter of time before the patriot league starts to get rid of lax teams bc they definitely dont have big time football to support the bill. Ill say it again, I hope these few weeks are worth it. Oye