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I got a email from the Turtles looking to fill spots. Are they worth it? Moving on from a big named club. I know they were good about 5 years ago.
I think anyone who made a purchase at Lacrosse Unlimited received the email. My son plays with 24 Lax and his team had 2 kids that played for the Turtles practicing with them before the shut down. Point is, if the Turtles were so good, why were these kids were looking to make the jump before the shut down.

I'm not too sure they're looking for new players. The boys destroyed all of the competition in their bracket yesterday in CT. I guess if your boy is an elite-level player we'll take him, but as of right now there are no weaknesses at any position. Anyone that wanted to jump realized their mistake yesterday when they saw how dominant the team could be. I promise you, they are not leaving now!

What bracket were you playing in?

Just checked tourney machine. Lol! Nice job in the C bracket! That post is insane! My guess is a first time travel mom that has never seen any type of real competitive lax. Go back to bed mom! Lol! C bracket 😂[/quote]

What do you think the owners were going to do, put them up into a solid B or A? No way. At this stage of the game, it looks better for them to have the success they did, in order for the owners to fill the helmets. We played against them last year, in the A bracket and they struggled. Did they have very good players?, yes they did, but they were not good as a team. Owners can care less about rankings. The main objective is putting heads in helmets.