---Stop haha All of the express sticker-car-parents who bring up club lax in every one of their conversations can't take a loss? Please stop. Practice 2x but pay your own coaches $$ to private train year round? Stop......Express doesn't hold kids back, borrow down from their older team or play kids on multiple teams for a "ranking?" STOP! LI teams don't play each other more often because they are AFRAID TO LOSE A LACROSSE GAME. Please stop. You got fat while others starved, now it's someone elses turn. "Misguided" defines the directors who stand behind other team's sidelines during tournaments, poaching kids. giving playing time to the highest bidder. STOP![/quote]

Poaching??? Pot meet kettle.[/quote]

Turf was 100+ and Express played back to back games.[/quote]

Excuses, excuses. S2S will beat Express any day.