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Will the NLF at Umass on July 17th,18th, and 19th go ahead as planned?

All the Massachusetts camps were canceled. Therefore so is the NLF.

Moved to upstate NY Aug 25 - 27..

Upsate NY being UMass?

The NLF National Championships, set for July 17-19 at UMass, remain our biggest priority of the summer. We do have a backup date of Aug. 28-30 at UMass, and we will track the national and state guidelines throughout June before we make any final decision on any date change


This isn’t lacrosse that is worth it.
• Alternate Faceoff Procedures
1.1 Coin Toss: Before the start of play, the “official” will call one player from each team and conduct a coin toss. The winner of the coin toss will start the competition with possession of the ball at the center spot. The lost of the coin toss will have the first alternating possession.
1.2 Positioning of Players and Starting Play: The team that wins the coin toss will start with the ball in their offensive half of the field, near the center spot, with a free clear. All other players should be at least five yards from the player with the ball.
1.3 Post-Goal: The goalkeeper or official removes the ball from the goal, and the team that was scored on will start with possession in the crease or along the goal line extended. No restart will take place if any player is within 5 yards of the ball carrier. When the whistle is blown by the official, play will resume.
1.4 Starting a New Quarter/Half: The team that loses the coin toss at the start of the game will have possession to start the second half. No player should be within 5 yards of the ball carrier.
• Loose-Ball Play: When a loose ball is on the ground and cannot be quickly picked up because a group of players are tied up in a scrum, the official can end play early at their discretion (typically four or more seconds ) and award the ball via alternate possession rule.
• Procedures for Loose-Ball Technical Fouls: When a loose-ball violation has been committed, the offended team can receive a quick play-on when an official visually and verbally signals “play-on.” If the offended team cannot quickly gain possession of the loose ball, the play-on must be ended immediately. In general, if it is unclear whether the offended team will quickly gain possession of the ball, play should be stopped, and the ball awarded to the team entitled to possession.

Is there a penalty for an opposing team player breathing on a player from another team?

More rules written by non lacrosse people. isn’t Rock Paper Scissors the official tue breaker for all of lacrosse?