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The Nat Lax Fed National All Star game and Underarmour All-American lacrosse classic are the same weekend in 2020. The NLF all star game seems to be pushed by 91/Express/PT so will Underarmour now be the 2nd class event?

Not looking for snarky remarks, although I guess they will be unavoidable on this board. Seems like the positive is that it gives more boys the opportunity to play in one of these events. The negative is that the registration fees for these showcases / all star games can start adding up very quickly if you sign up for all of them.

Also, NXT Nike boys Philly showcase is the same weekend but I have to think both of the other events will top the Philly showcase.

My view is let your son have one more Summer without worrying about college recruiting. That will ramp up very quickly next Fall so register if you think he will have fun or enjoy the experience but not for college exposure as they will still be focused on 2021's late bloomers and 2022's ahead of September.