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being a parent of a child who didn't make an "A" team we are looking for options of the next tier lax club. not looking to go to a "B" team from the big lax clubs because I've seen that those teams seem to struggle. I'm not coming on here looking to stir the pot or put down lax clubs. I know its a lil late but looking for best options for my child. thanks and please no negativity

My advice, don’t dismiss playing for a “B” team as some of them areas good or better than “A” teams. At this age it’s almost impossible to break into an A team unless your kids a stud or you are okay for him to be a 6th attack or 3rd line middie. What you really want is your son to see the field and work on his own to get better. If your sons goal is to play lacrosse in college then the team he plays for will only help if he’s actually on the field. There are hundreds of players from B teams that go on to play in college. uSW57w