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The head coaches are just collecting their 5k-6k checks plus travel expenses and are not 'recruiting' anybody from this event.

What event are you talking about?

Any event that is selling a showcase to 2023's. Anyone that thinks their son is being recruited by any coach in 9th grade is far too gullible. But in this instance, Igloo Elite 80.

I was there - my son loves playing against the other good kids. He enjoys it and for he and I it’s a weekend to hang out. I didn’t see much “recruiting” but I did see kids having fun, high level lacrosse and I know for my son personally he spent a ton of time with Syracuse, Harvard, Hopkins and UVA Hc. He got personal one on one coaching from Petro for 10 minutes. Tiffany and he talked for 20 minutes after the event and that Harvard guy kept coming back and providing some good coaching.

So recruiting - No. Fun - yes. I have the $ so why not go? Was a good time though I recognize it for what it is - a fun expensive day nothing more nothing less.