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Ouch, what a sting for Rebels getting beat twice by a "B" team in their own tournament this weekend. They had no room to rig any schedule.

You are a troll and you are looking to get a rise out of people so will post the same thing on multiple threads to achieve that goal. As for the 2023 bracket, I am sure there at least 80-100 set of parents that would disagree with your assessment their son is a B player. it is long understood a player can be as good as another player on a AA team but is not on that team for a number of reasons such as geographic or because that player wants to be on a 1st midfield and not the second midfield line or even politics. Regardless, the competition was good and shame on you for saying the Patriots, Express, 91 Warriors and Rebels do not have very good players on their roster. I can almost guarantee your kid is not a top player on one of the AA teams you imply as those parents would never stoop to your level. They would prefer their son speak through his play. If he knew the bull____ you say on these forums he would be embarrassed. That day will come but see if you can eke out a few more years where he isn't rolling his eyes after you speak.